Sunrise Data Services

Online Donor Management

eSUN provides a hosted secure environment for our clients to access their list and donors 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Merge/Purge Processing

We manage the entire mailing process from start to finish. From data conversion and cleaning to presort, our team is dedicated to handling any size job in a timely manner

Mail Tracking

Sunrise takes your mailing to another level with individual piece tracking. We are committed to ensuring the delivery of your mail and with our software; we are able to track your mail all the way to household.

Data Enhancements

Sunrise utilizes all available resources to provide tools to help target valuable segments of our client's house files. We have identified key consumer marketing variables that help in specific targeted campaigns such as congressional district appends for political races to wealth indexing for high dollar fund raising.

Analytics and Modeling

Modeling is an essential strategy for optimizing direct mail campaigns. Our in-house analytics team has built a proven model that strongly improves response rates and impacts overall performance of the appeals of our clients.

List Fulfillment

Sunrise works directly with list owners and brokers to provide a quick turnaround on orders and online access to counts, reports and tools for instant access to the most up to date list information.

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