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Data Operations Manager

Data Savvy leader with skill set to manage and grow database functionality and streamline data management processes. The manager will be asked to lead a team of specialists technically, but also communicate and work directly with clients to help with their requests for reports and analysis. A background managing large donor databases maximizing marketing data points and demographics for analysis and targeting.

Data Operations will work with our development team and data analysis partners to ensure our projects and goals are being met effectively and managed proactively. Our clients focus on multi-channel direct marketing and fundraising. Our Data Operations Manager will be well connected with industry direction, innovations and opportunities.

  • Database Management: Oversee database at all levels, from data updates including quality and hygiene steps to database setup and strategy. Utilize new technology to drive cutting edge capabilities and opportunities.
  • Data Processing: Ensure processes in place for high levels of quality control, promoting accuracy and high quality data.
  • Operational strategizing and metric tracking: Apart from logistics management, the Data Operations Manager plays a major part in creating and managing an overall operational plan, by tracking metrics, setting goals, and determining baselines for all business operations. The Data Operations Manager should also formulate suggestions on how to make an optimum use of the resources of the organization.
  • Manage ongoing projects, interface with project stakeholders, set and track project deadlines. Initiate and manage projects ranging from high-level revenue drivers, to standard recurring requests.
  • Control the rhythm and flow of business, set up and run regular meetings, drive responsible project management practices across the team.
  • Manage client relationships with regards to regular and ongoing support, contracts, pricing, onboarding, and termination. Answer requests to analysis by working with the client to determine exactly what is needed and setting a timeline for the final product. Track projects through project management system (Asana). Keep detailed status updates on projects and requests.
  • Managing third-party relations: The Data Operations Manager needs to ensure that standard procedures are followed when working with third party vendors. Also, the Data Operations Manager needs to ensure that the necessary administrative and legal formalities are completed. The Data Operations Manager ensures that the third party properly executes the agreed terms and conditions.
  • Budget management: The Data Operations Manager will monitor and coordinate with the finance department to maintain the budget while also monitoring daily, weekly and monthly metrics.

Sunrise Data Services is a data management and strategy leader for our clients and partners. Our leadership helps our clients make better decisions based on better data quality and better data analysis. Our team is focused on provided high quality customer service with the backing of high quality data processes and database management.

We promote thinkers, who are hard-working and self-motivated, with a passion for what we do.

Focus Areas:

Database Management
Technology Management
Project Management
Attention to Detail
Data Security


Strong interest and skills in project management
Strong interest and skills in analysis
Strong interest and skills in business operations
Degree in business or related field

Is a Plus:

ETL Extraction/Transformation
Data Warehouse
VS 2017
Degree in business or related field

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