Clients and Testimonials

Sunrise is heavily focused on providing premiere full service data management and processing for all of our clients, ranging from List Marketing Companies to Direct Mail Agencies as well as directly to the clients themselves. We have successfully provided list fulfillment, data processing and donor management services to over 60 active clients and over 200 lists ranging from non-profits to presidential candidates.

With the combined size of our database over 10 million records and with a mail volume of over 80 million per year, Sunrise is equipped to manage the growing needs of our clients. Our goal is to utilize the latest tools and technology to provide a high level of service for mailings ranging from small thank you mailings to prospecting packages of any size.

What kind of client uses eSUN?

Data Sunrise Service

American Civil Rights Union Non-Profit

Dedicated to protecting the civil rights of all Americans.
Data Sunrise Service

Citizens United Non-Profit

Dedicated to restoring government to citizen control.
Data Sunrise Service

Robertson Mailing List Company List Company

A leader in list management and brokerage for political, charitable and conservative mailers.
Data Sunrise Service

HSP Direct Agency

The first choice in direct mail fundraising!
Data Sunrise Service

Richard Norman Company Agency

Award-winning fundraising and communication solutions.

Client Testimonials

  • "Sunrise Data Services maintains over forty individual lists and four databases with multiple list owners for RMLC. We could not be more pleased with the services they provide. Besides being responsive, timely and friendly, they are very accurate and knowledgeable. We would recommend Sunrise Data Services to any list owner, large or small." Vickie Norman Robertson Mailing List Company
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