Introducing eSUN

eSUN is everything you need to manage any type of data or donor list in the business, political, non-profit, charity or organizational sectors. eSUN handles the full cycle from data collection to delivery and back again.

eSUN Slides Tour

Use the prev/next buttons in the slider below to slide through a short screenshot tour of some main areas in the eSUN application. If you are interested in a free, live, demonstration of eSUN then please Sign Up for a Free Demo.

Data Sunrise Service

eSUN Dashboard

The eSUN dashboard is a great starting place to get a snapshot of your top donors, lists and quick report breakdowns.

Data Sunrise Service

Donor Management

Get quick access to all your donor list detail using the advanced query tool.

Data Sunrise Service

Data and List Processsing

Retrieve and review list counts from any list with the list count tool.

Data Sunrise Service

Easy Reporting

Easily create and print accounting reports, FEC, list count, production, recency, state count and universe reports.

eSUN excels by helping you with...

Donor Management

eSUN was developed to provide online access for our clients to their data, as well as a seamless system for internal order processing. This development has allowed our team to be a more responsive service bureau with fingertip access to your data needs.

Quick and Easy Access to Reporting Tools

It is no longer an option to have online access to data for donor management, but a necessity. With the acquisition of Patriot Data Services we have been able to combine the best aspects of both systems and input from a broader client base, to provide a valuable online tool for our clients. eSUN offers real-time queries, reports and tools to manipulate and manage your data.

List Order and Data Processing

Sunrise/PDS offers a completely secure web based solution for direct access to your data 24x7. Data is hosted securely in a 99.9% guaranteed uptime data center, with daily backups while not having to worry about bothersome power outages or internet problems from "in-house" hosted systems.

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